Sarah Rudd, October 2021

Dec 21, 2021

I’m lucky to be able to share this so soon after the wedding and that’s for two reasons, firstly because Sarah is a professional wedding photographer herself and therefore understands how important it is to me to get lots of photos to use for my marketing, and secondly because her photographer Ruth is having a baby any day now and has therefore edited in record timing

Let’s start where we started, with the vibe for the day. Sarah and Jon attend weddings every week, sometimes more than one in a week, so they had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted which was a whimsical, fairy revel with feasting and singing. This illustration by Arthur Rackman from the 1908 illustrated edition of Midsummer Nights Dream became the North star for all the wedding planning decisions. Sarah chose stationary, flowers, even the venue itself with this aesthetic in mind so it was really important that we made something inkeeping.

Sarah liked the Sovay dress in organza with the poet sleeves, but wanted something more covering than the deep V. She also really liked the Demelza dress, with that soft vanilla silk. We decided to use the organza with the ivy applique but over a layer of the vanilla colour so that the layers give us a really rich depth of colour and texture.

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