Cottagecore Dreaming

Oct 6, 2021

I made this linen wedding dress without a specific plan for a photo shoot and so I’m SO LUCKY I got invited by the lovely stylist Alex Hoyler to this beautiful shoot at New Yard Restaurant near Helston. Rachael was the perfect model and the idyllic pastoral setting was such an aesthetic dream. As always the lovely Lyra & Moth did a beautiful job, particularly in her framing of these gorgeous scenes.

I find it really magical that these images bring so clearly to mind the work of Constable, who was an English landscape painter in the 19th century. Landscape painting is often derided as boring (by me) but at the time it was born of a real love of the countryside which was changing so rapidly with industrialisation. Interestingly, Rachael who modeled for us recently told me that she feels a deep connection to Cornwall and would describe herself as Cornish rather than British and something about that love really comes through in these photos.

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