My 2021 non-collection

Jun 23, 2021

I’ve made a subtle change to how I’ve been working this year to promote my business and create sample wedding dresses and it’s produced some really interesting work and it’s allowing me to share more of my process live on Instagram.

In the past I’ve worked by producing samples in groups of 6 and releasing them every year in one big collection launch. This made sense at the time, because it’s how designers have worked for decades, but I’ve realised that it’s not fully communicating what I do and what makes my business so special, so I’ve stopped doing this entirely. This year I’ve been working on individual dresses, made to measure for specific models on specific shoots.

This approach is allowing me to get deep into the theme of the shoot and the personality of the model. It’s helping me to show a range and make the dresses to fit the models, which is a much better reflection of what I do for my real brides than designing beautiful but generic dresses that don’t quite fit the models.

So rather than releasing 6 dresses at once, I’ll be releasing dresses slowly as I work, and I’ll be more able to share behind the scenes photos and videos as I work.

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