How does my bespoke wedding dress design process work?

Jun 14, 2021

A dress as special and unique as your love story

The Sketch

I like to start the design process by talking through your own ideas and inspirations. Some brides come equipped with Pinterest boards or photos saved in their phone, others have less of a concrete idea, either way it helps me to have an idea of what the design might look like. I like to get a fuller picture of my brides as individuals to inform my design, often incorporating sweet personal details that would be impossible in a ready to wear gown. I like to talk through the practicalities of wearing the dress throughout your specific wedding day and your individual love story. I have sample fabrics on hand, and I sketch on a tablet so that you can have copies to look over later.

The Toile

After the design is finalised and a deposit paid, I create a custom toile. This is a version of your dress in cheap cotton, and it’s a common dressmaker’s tool to help me work out the pattern and construction of your dress before cutting into expensive fabric. This is fitted to your body so that your wedding gown fits you beautifully, and it gives you a better opportunity to understand how your wedding dress is going to look. 


Every dress I sell is handmade by me in my home studio in Cornwall. I conduct as many fittings as necessary to make sure the dress fits perfectly, and that you’re happy with the details. I always aim to hand the wedding dress over at least one month before the wedding date, so that it is one less thing to worry about in the run up to your special day.

Fittings take place in my home studio in Cornwall, please get in touch if you live further than would be comfortable to travel and I can discuss the distance fitting process. Pricing is done on an individual basis but ranges from linen gowns starting at £1000 to beaded silks at £2500.

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